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At Open Sky International, we consider that the curriculum in these classes is very different from curriculum at primary level. This is because early childhood or preschool is one of the most important and decisive stages of human life, as it marks the future evolution of personality.

The TPS, PS and MS classes are the beginning of a life-long journey of learning, and help form children’s future attitudes towards their lives. Teaching and learning in these classes are not formal as small children learn in all kinds of situations and contexts, both at school, with their friends and at home with their parents. They are in fact learning all of the time, frequently through purposeful and imaginative play. Songs, rhymes and games in different languages are used daily to help develop cognitive understanding and language, engage children and provide opportunities for the development of motor skills.

A truly bilingual curriculum

We offer courses 50% in French and 50% in English. Even if they arrive with no grasp of French and/or English, all our pupils become fully bilingual after 2 years at Open Sky International

Very high academic standards

Our bilingual school offers the highest levels of teaching and learning. Our pupils benefit from the best aspects of international education, based on British, Australian, Singaporean and French programmes of study

Personnal development and fulfilment

We believe that there is no incompatibility between a high academic level and a high level of personal development of pupils

International philosophy

We welcome children from more than 40 different countries, allowing them to grow in a rich multiculural environment. Our pupils are prepared to succeed in a rapidly changing, highly competitive and globalised world

Open schools without selection

Our results do not rely on a very strict selection of children. We believe that every child can succeed and that our mission is to help children learn and achieve a high-academic level. We therefore accept all children

We aim to develop skills and understanding, at the appropriate level for the development of each child. This means that different children in a class may do things at different times as each child is unique. Young children do not develop in a fixed or linear way ; instead of being in a straight line, their learning is more like a spider’s web with many strands. Depth of learning is much more important than covering a lot of things in a superficial way and as a result activities may be revisited many times in different ways during the three years.

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