A real trilingual school in Morocco

 Open Sky International Morocco is a new trilingual English-French and Arabic independent international schoolOpen Sky International aims to foster integration and respect for difference whilst ensuring pupils’ academic and personal development. We understand that children are powerful learners, and we believe that every child will make progress, with the right strategies and support.

Our curriculum targets both academic excellence and children’s personal development. Our educational vision is for all pupils to achieve an equal oral and written performance in French and English by the time they leave school, and in Morocco, we also intend for our pupils’ level of Arabic to equal their level of French and English when they finish their studies. In addition, we aim to provide children with the tools they need to succeed in an open and globalised world, so that they can succeed in Morocco or elsewhere. Our curriculum framework at all stages has been carefully designed and planned to achieve our vision.

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A true trilingual curriculum

At the end of their schooling, our pupils will have a native command of French and English, in addition to an excellent standard of Arabic

High academic level

The school offers the highest levels of teaching and learning. Our pupils benefit from the best aspects of international education, based on British, Australian, Singaporean and French programmes of study

Personal development and fulfilment

We believe that there is no incompatibility between a high academic level and a high level of personal development of pupils

Openness to the world

We teach children that they live in a global world. Our pupils are prepared to succeed in a rapidly changing, highly competitive and multicultural world

An open school without selection

Our results are not based on a very strict academic selection of children. We believe that every child can succeed and that our mission is to help children learn and reach a high academic level

For pupils with little or no knowledge of French and English

Some pupils come to school with little or no French or English, and our extraction FAL or EAL (French and English as an additional language) programmes support these pupils and helps them to develop their French or English in all language skill areas. When new pupils arrive at the school, an assessment is given which indicates what support a learner needs and in which skill area, and parents will be contacted directly regarding any FAL needs that their child has. Pupils may receive intensive support alone or in a small group, depending on the language needs of the class as a whole. After five or six months, we aim to reintegrate pupils full time back into the classroom.

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Our relationship with parents

At all stages, Open Sky International Morocco develops strong relationships with parents in order to support each child, as effective partnerships, communication and collaboration with parents are essential. The school uses a range of innovative plans to engage parents in the learning process, including workshops and publishing guidance on how to support children with their learning, and this programme will begin in the first term after the school’s opening.

Our teachers and staff

The Headteacher of the school will be Madame Karen Jamieson, who already works with Open Sky International in its Paris school. Karen Jamieson is a qualified Headteacher, having completed the British qualification of the NPQH (National Professional Qualification for Headship), and she has many years of leadership experience in the Middle East and international schools. She has worked extensively with Arabic speaking and expatriate families, teams and education authorities, both as a Headteacher and as a former schools’ inspector.

The recruitment process for other members of staff has started with local and international recruitment agencies, and it is intended that a mixture of Arabic speaking, Francophone and Anglophone teachers will be recruited from Morocco and elsewhere.

Developing new generations with passion

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from 2 to 6 years

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from 6 to 11 years

Useful information

Open Sky International Morocco

Corner of Rostand and Gardanne streets, Oasis, Casablanca, Morocco. (H977+7W Casablanca, Morocco)