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Open Sky International Paris is a French-English bilingual independent school located only five minutes from Paris, in Boulogne-Billancourt.

Our mission is to provide our pupils with the tools that they will need to succeed in an open and globalised world, not only in their country of origin but anywhere that they may choose to live or work.

Our educational vision is to help all our pupils reach a very high level in spoken and written French and English, becoming bilingual after two years in our school.

Choosing Open Sky International for your child will prepare them for their future life, as well as help them integrate successfully into other schools anywhere in the world.

Developing new generations with passion




Why choose Open Sky International Paris?

A true bilingual curriculum

We are one of the very rare real bilingual schools in Paris area, offering courses 50% in French and 50% in English. When they leave Open Sky International France, our pupils speak and write fluently in both French and English

High academic level

Our bilingual school offers the highest levels of teaching and learning. Our pupils benefit from the best aspects of international education, based on British, Australian, Singaporean and French programmes of study


We teach children that they live in a global world. Our pupils are prepared to succeed in a rapidly changing, highly competitive and multicultural world

Personal development and fulfilment

We believe that there is no incompatibility between a high academic level and a high level of personal development of pupils

An open school without selection

Our results are not based on a very strict academic selection of children. We believe that every child can succeed and that our mission is to help children learn and reach a high academic level

Open Sky International Paris in the media

Webinar with Femmexpat

Discover the owner of Open Sky International schools in an online conference organised by Femmexpat.

Participating in class and online

Read this article of Firefly to see how Open Sky International engages pupils in-class & remotely.

Interview for the Grand Livre Interactif de l'International

Discover more about Open Sky International and your child’s education with head of school and owner Emmanuel Fayad, during an interview for the Grand Livre Interactif de l’International.

TV interview for "Le Live TV Finance"

The owner of Open Sky International talks about the schools during an interview for the programme Le Live TV Finance.

Women's Football World Cup

Open Sky International appears in TF1’s report for the Women’s World Cup football game.

Studying - the sky is the limit

Read the article on Open Sky International in Discover Southern Europe magazine or directly on their website.

Interview with social media Big Planète

The owner of Open Sky International is interviewed on the Big Planete social network about the award of the “Prix de la Francophonie” by TV5 Monde, given to Open Sky International for its academic excellence and more particularly for the high quality of its teaching of French.

Open Sky International is awarded the Prix de la Francophonie

In recognition of Open Sky International’s level of academic excellence, particularly in the teaching of French, TV5 Monde awarded the Prix de la Francophonie to Emmanuel Fayad, owner of the schools, live on the set.