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In the TPS class, teachers focus on building children’s communication and language skills, as well as their physical, personal, social and emotional development. They use a range of strategies and activities with their classes to work towards these goals. Toddlers absorb information from sights, sounds, smells, textures and taste without formal lessons and so in the TPS classroom, teachers organise engaging, meaningful activities that:

Teaching and learning are not formal as small children learn in all kinds of situations and contexts, both at school, with their friends and at home with their parents. They are in fact learning all of the time, frequently through purposeful and imaginative play. Songs, rhymes and games in different languages are used daily to help develop cognitive understanding and language, engage children and provide opportunities for the development of motor skills.

Learning areas for the TPS class

Communication and language

All teachers focus on developing children’s skills in listening and attention, understanding and speaking. French and English are used for classroom language and activities, so that children learn to use and work in both languages from a very early age. Teachers and assistants use a very wide range of activities to develop communication and language, including daily reading and discussion of books and stories, modelling language for children, building vocabulary by giving children choices, pre-teaching vocabulary, using complete sentences and not one word responses to develop children’s language and echoing back what children say with new vocabulary added to build vocabulary.

Physical development

This includes moving and handling, the development of gross and fine motor skills and health and self-care. These are promoted through classroom activities which include manipulating toys and objects, drawing lines, cutting with intent and holding tools. Activities to develop co-ordination, control through movement and physical activity take place daily. We also help children to understand the importance of physical activity, and to make healthy choices in relation to food.

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Personal, social and emotional development

Teachers help pupils to develop self-confidence and self-awareness, by managing their feelings and behaviour and making relationships. Activities help children to develop a positive sense of themselves, providing opportunities for responsibility, leadership, independent choices and sharing ideas and personal experiences. In the TPS class, children learn how to form positive relationships and develop respect for others, how to share and how to behave in groups and social situations.

Other learning areas

Open Sky International also offers other learning areas such as art, music, painting, drawing, …

For more information on the curriculum of our pre-school classes, please contact us by phone on 01 45 27 37 56 or by e-mail via We will be able to explain our Open Sky International France vision for your child's development.


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