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Our primary curriculum at Open Sky International Paris

The primary curriculum of our bilingual primary school has been carefully designed and is unique to Open Sky International Paris. It includes the strongest aspects of different international curricula and a bilingual timetable is followed by all pupils.

In French, learning materials and the curriculum have been designed and written for the school’s own specific needs, and they help children reach a high level of language and structure in French at an early age. The school’s methodology also allows pupils to acquire a deep knowledge of the language to allow them to express their opinions, feelings and thoughts; they learn to do this using a rich vocabulary, and knowledge of beautiful texts helps them to do this.

We recognise that there have been many changes in the global use of English in recent decades, and pupils must be exposed to and learn to understand the full range of English that they may need. The English literacy curriculum has also been planned to ensure that pupils develop systematically a very strong language base in all skill areas (listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar and spelling). 

In primary school, we are one to two years ahead of other schools

In addition to academic excellence, our school prepares children for openness to the constantly changing world: we offer a teaching of the intercultural concept by accepting children of all origins and by teaching them the different cultures of the world. We believe that children can enrich their peers on their own culture and thus our teachers can support courses where each builds on understanding the other. The classroom is then a place of exchange and sharing.


Find out about our primary school’s curriculum for your child in primary school.

bilingual year 2

CP (Year 2)

from 6 to 7 years old

bilingual years 3 4

CE1 & CE2 (Years 3 and 4)

from 7 to 9 years old

bilingual years 5 6

CM1 & CM2 (Years 5 and 6)

from 9 to 11 years old

Daily Life

How can your child join our primary school at Open Sky International Paris?

Although we aim consistently for educational excellence, we do not put academic barriers in the way of pupils who would like to join our primary school.

Instead we try to admit pupils who have a wide range of backgrounds and abilities and we accept children who speak English, French or neither. When pupils arrive, their language level is assessed, and as a result they will be either:

Once at Open Sky International, each pupil will be supported individually, with teaching activities being adapted as necessary.

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